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Body Harmony


The body´s natural inclination and ability to heal is at the very core of Body Harmony - a powerful 'hands on' bodywork that is highly effective, simple and empowering. It is a subtle form of internal surgery that aligns on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Every cell in the body carries the memory of our experiences, decisions and beliefs, which were developed as mechanisms for survival. Our body is the expression of our life and reflects the experiences and beliefs about how we behave in order to be loved and survive. Our structure becomes the clothing that protects our heart and spirit. As we grow, these patterns of behaviour become outmoded, and instead of serving us, become subconscious limitations.
Body Harmony work attends to these core beliefs, gently unraveling the history in the tissue and in the process, changing that which no longer reflects the true sense of who you are. This integrates the self and allows for the possibility of experiencing more freedom, truth, simplicity and love.
Body Harmony is about self empowerment through willingness, intention and consent. Learning to listen to the innate intelligence of your body is a skill for life - it is life changing. .